Thursday, 13 December 2012

Preparing Your Home For Winter Showings!

There is no doubt about it! Even if the weather is relatively pleasant, your
home won’t show as well in the winter as it would in the summer, especially
from the outside. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your home look
more attractive and appealing to buyers during the winter season.
First, before showing your home to a potential buyer, clear your front
walkway. Make sure fence doors and gates open freely. Also, clear off the
backyard deck or patio area. You want buyers to be able to explore around
your property without any obstructions.
In short, do everything you can to make the experience of walking up to
your front door and around your property as pleasant as possible.
Second, clear away any boots, shoes and other outerwear from the front
foyer. You want buyers to focus on your beautiful home, not a cluttered
entranceway. Also, have mats on both the outside and inside of your main
entranceway. This will give buyers – as well as you and your family – a
chance to wipe their boots and shoes.
Next, adjust your thermostat. You want your home to feel warm, cozy and
comfortable for potential buyers.
Finally, remember that in the winter, homes show much better during the
day. In the evening, it may be too dark to fully appreciate your property. So
work with your REALTOR® to schedule viewings during the day whenever
possible. If you can, also have pictures of your property available that
showcase what it looks like in the summer. That takes planning. So if you're
even just casually thinking of the possibility of selling your home, take some
good "summer" pictures.
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