Tuesday, 6 January 2015

35 Expensive Things You'll Need In Your Dream House When You're A Millionaire

 Jake Heppner 

Imagine you just won the lottery and you can suddenly afford a massive, 20,000 square foot house with an enormous back yard for your entire family. Now you need some inspiration for how to fill it - don't worry, I've prepared 35 crazy ideas. 

A scenic backyard rain shower for those hot summer days

...inside are more books and a secret storage compartment beneath the bed

A four sided Lego wall with unlimited potential for creativity

Source: hgtv.com
I wish my parents had thought of this when I was a kid!

A romantic fireplace that serves both the bathtub and bedroom

A huge backyard treehouse with patio and balcony (Great for both kids and adults!)

This ultra secret bedroom closet waterslide that leads to a luxurious indoor pool

Your own mini-golf course & putting range nestled between rooms

A kitchen trap door, leading to a huge underground wine cellar (and all the fine, vintage wines you'll own)

Source: buzzfeed.com

An gigantic two story closet for your infinite collection of shoes, clothes, and more shoes.

Source: houzz.com

This multi-layered, family-sized pool and beachhouse so you can throw the best pool parties in the whole town

An entire room dedicated to sleepovers with a fireplace and 50" projection screen

Source: buzzfeed.com

An intricate, gravity defying cat transit system

In every single room of the house.

Source: imgur.com

A treehouse themed kid's room, where the bed is burrowed in the treehouse

Source: dornob.com

These useful, discreet vacuum baseboards

The tiny slot sucks up dirt that is swept nearby, then stores for easy disposal.

Accordion windows that transform a boring kitchen into an outdoor patio bar

Or kitchen walls that lift up to reveal the swimming pool

Source: houzz.com

A three-story climbing wall built into the stairwell

Source: eldowalls.com

This amazing, space saving bookshelf for your office

Source: peerflix.com

Useful hidden storage areas beneath the guest room

This epic multi-purpose, rotating sink (this one may be worth the splurge even before you're rich)

Source: pinterest.com

A secret agent-like popup garage that you'll show off to every guest

Source: ohgizmo.com

This sneaky refrigerator under your kitchen island. Perfect for storing beer & other drinks

This cute bone shaped pool for your dog. Someone looks happy about his bath :)

A dedicated kids playroom & living room to encourage more family time

Source: houzz.com

Or a secret playroom with a hidden, kid sized entrance

Source: reddit.com

Finally, this amazing family-sized home theater with star-gazing moon roof and big leather sofas!

Source: houzz.com
Although money can't buy happiness...it can make your house unbelievably awesome.


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