Tuesday, 2 June 2015

21 Ways to Achieve the Rustic Look in Any Part of Your Home…

Brodie Norris
 Fire up the oil lantern and take a look at these ideas to infuse a bit of rustic charm into your 21st Century lives. Get a rustic look in any part of your home…

1. Reclaimed Wood and Rebar Balastrade

The combination of rebar (usually seen giving concrete tensile strength) and reclaimed timber hits the rustic look on the head, really.

2. A Rustic Wood-Rich Reading Nook

A reading nook feels very rustic. Combine that with lots of distressed timber and you have a winning combination.

3. Reclaimed Timber Dining Table

Actually reclaimed timber pretty much anywhere will infuse a rustic vibe. It works really well here when balanced buy the glamourous channeler. Too much of a good thing is never wise!

4. A Rustic Hodge Podge of Brick, Concrete and Stone Walls

Most of us won't have the luxury of a centuries old wall that is cobbled together out of a variety of material. But if you do, you've got the perfect bones for an authentically rustic space.

5. Rustic Timber and Rusted Corrugated Iron Cinema Room

Even a cinema room can be rustified with the help of some timber and rusted corrugated iron on the walls. Enjoy your 21st Century technology in a 19th Century atomsphere.

6. Rustic Exposed Beams, Stone and Wicker Outdoor Area

This is a very spanish rustic look, what with the exposed beams, all that stone and the wicker.

7. Rustic Timber Bench-tops and Mason Jar Light Fittings

Combine the raw rustic look of distressed timber with the humble make-do attitude of the Mason Jar light fittings and you have the rustic look home and hosed.

8. Rustic Stone Oven Wall

Failing a real stone fire for cooking, just tile stone around your shiny stainless steel appliances for that rustic look.

9. Lots of Rustic Dark Timber

You can never have too much of the brown stuff.

10. A Rustic Reclaimed Timber Framed Mirror

Even in a shabby chic style room this is bound to impress.

11. Rustic Oil Lantern Light Pieces

Bonus points for combining with John Deere memorabilia.

12. A Rustic Farmhouse Style Sink and Open Shelving

Go for the farmhouse look in the kitchen with open shelving and a deep farmhouse style sink. This will make the whole space feel very homely and rustic.

13. A Rustic Timber Bunk Alcove

Just because.

14. A Barn Door (Obviously)

You thought we'd missed it, didn't you? A barn door will instantly rustic up your place. If that's what you're into…

15. Distressed Timber Stairs

Even in an otherwise modern home, some distressed timber stairs brings a rustic, lived-in look.

16. Stone and a Rustic Hunk of Timber

There's no boring space that an enormous hunk of timber can't fix. Especially if it has a carved in towel rail.

17. Rustic Window Shutters

No barn rustic home is complete without some quaint timber window shutters.

18. A Galvanized Trough Bathtub

No explanation needed here. Just do it.

19. A Vanity Basin on a Dedicated Railway Line

Metro could learn a lot from this.

20. A Hanging Device Using Railway Nails

Because nothing says rustic like rusty railway nails. And hanging devices.

21. A Windmill


Finally, a Word of Warning: The Rustic Look is Easy to Overdo. Be Gentle…


  1. Hi, we are in love with this bathroom. We found shower wall tile that was a near match, but we waited too long and the tile has been discontinued. Can you share the source for the shower wall tile?

    Victor Arrigo

  2. Seconding this comment - Love the bathroom! What tile was used for the shower walls and floor? Thank you!!!

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  4. I would like to know what tile was used as well.