Thursday, 30 October 2014

10 Items You Need in Your Industrial Style Converted Warehouse

Let's face it, converted warehouses are cool. There's just something about the steely greys, the exposed brick and the smell of rust in the air that makes the industrial look very appealing. Want to try it out in your house? Even if you don't live in a converted warehouse, here are ten items you need to pull of the industrial chic look…

1. At Least One Vintage Sliding Door

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No industrial style space worth its salt is complete without at least one vintage sliding door. The more metal and banged up the better.

2. Exposed Lights and Electrical Wiring

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You think warehouse owners had the time or motivation to carefully conceal electrical wiring. Or decorate their lamps with fancy colored shades? No. And your industrial style home won't pander to those pretenses either. Leave your wires exposed, baby.

3. A DIY Steel Pipe Feature

Image Source

Image Source
Duck down to Bunnings. Pick yourself up $50 worth of pipes and fittings and get creative. Rolling firewood storage, wine racks and coffee tables. If you can't think of something fun to create, you need to get in touch with your creative side.

4. Something Involving Cogs

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I mean, this hardly requires an explanation. You want your space to have a cool, industrial vibe? You can't go past cogs…

5. A Key Lampshade

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Never lose your car keys again…

6. Some Kind of Frankenstein Piece Combining Numerous Vintage Finds

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I dunno why, but Industrial chic is just more fun when it's a bit random. Mix and match pieces you've found at second hand stores and the tip for maximum effect.

7. A Galvanized Locker

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Yep. Just like the ones you had at high school. Who would have thought they would one day become a designer furniture item? Be sure to thoroughly sanitize and deodorize. The smell of teenage sock can be hard to get out.

8. A Vintage Electric Fan. Or Four.

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Because your converted warehouse is bound to get hot. Just saying.

9. A Metal Chair of Some Sort

No. They're not very comfortable. But the Industrial look really isn't about comfort. So get over yourself. You could try the Navy Chair. Or get your hands on a Marais Chair like the one pictured. You'll find them in every trendy cafe ever.

10. Exposed Brick. Lots of it.

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Honestly. To really pull off the Industrial look, you just can't have enough exposed brick. YOu get bonus points if it has several thousand layers of paint in various levels of deterioration. And you win Industrial if your exposed brick wall has an original painted logo on it. Well done.


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