Monday, 20 October 2014

18 Of The Most Unique Table Designs You Will Ever See

Most tables are made of wood and just plain boring despite the fact that we spend a lot of time on them, whether it be from eating, working, or playing on them. So why not spice them up a little bit. These people decided to do just that. After this, you might want to get yourself a cool table as well.

1. Although most tables are made from wood, this one is made of a complete tree. 139


2.This more art than table. 6.1


3.Wow, I didn’t wood can be fused to metal like that. 121212.1

4. Inject some spark into your coffee table. 48


5. This is just as a good as a unicorn!58

6. I have no words for this.79

7. You can have an  airplane engine as a your table.  89

8. Talk about relaxing. 99

9.Why not bring some nature into your formal dining room. 148

10. or bring some chocolate. 158

11. This is another piece of artwork. 168

12. Just be careful not to knock it over. 179

13. Now you’ll always feel like you’re at the beach. 189

14. Just make sure you stay on your own side of the river. 228

15. This is too pretty to eat on top of. 313

16. This is like a science experiment. 1010

17.Have a picnic indoors. 1114

18. This petrified wood table is simply beautiful. 







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