Saturday, 6 June 2015

How To Use Dark Walls in Every Room of the House

Dark, bold colors may seem a bit scary to dive into and dress your home in. But we’re here to show you how to use those deeper tones on any wall of the house in any room of the house without becoming too overwhelmed or harsh on the eyes. From plum to navy blue, there are so many gorgeous and vibrant shades that you can use to adorn and accent all kinds of spaces throughout your special place. Let’s have a look at how to use dark walls and grab some ideas on how to style them too!

1. Black in the Living Room.

This black accent wall works beautifully in this living room for two major reasons: it’s a larger space and there are large windows giving off a lot of natural lighting throughout the daytime. Without those two benefits the room would look a bit smaller, which is something we never want to do. It also adds to the unique mix and eclecticism.

2. Chocolate in the Bedroom.

This silky, chocolate accent wall highlights the bed and creates a gorgeous focus to the room. The rest of the space is quite open and set in a creamy, white tone keeping the openness and illusion of extra space popping. Again, this room has a gorgeous amount of natural light as well to brighten and lighten.

3. Royal Blue in the Bathroom.

We are in love with this deep blue surrounding this quiant, cottage-like bathroom. It contrasts and works well with the crisp, white and creates a very energetic and refreshing overall style. The two colors balance each other well making the blue becoming a compliment instead of an overwhelming choice.

4. Teal in the Office.

This interesting and rich shade of teal is a beautiful and unique choice for your home office. It’s powerful but also very fashion-forward and fun. Add a girlish touch by complimenting the walls with creams and corals too. Because of the lighting choices and dainty furniture pieces, the teal doesn’t overpower and nook or cranny.

5. Charcoal in the Dining Room.

A gorgeous shade of charcoal is perfect for a chic, modern and poshly-styled dining room. And we especially love the plate art piece that pops even more because of the rich color set behind it. Charcoal is right on trend for fashion and interior design, so if you’re inspired by this selection be brave and dress your home in it!{found on janelockhart}.

6. Red in the Craft Room.

Richer reds can be quite scary and intimidating, but look how gorgeous this craft room is with such a deepened shade. It adds a surprising and personal touch to a very personal space. It gushes with passion and a fiery spirit, which is quite fitting for a place where you can create and explore.

7. Plum in the Bedroom.

A beautiful and womanly shade of plum in the bedroom makes a sophisticated finish with ease and gracefulness. The arched window provides enough light to soften the blow of such a strong accent wall, but even without it the high ceilings give the depth needed to hold such a color.

8. Emerald in the Living Room.

Rich emeralds aren’t the most popular when it comes to wall colors but it sure can provide a refreshing and organic feel to any part of your home, especially in the family room. All green breathes life, even the darker tones, and this works well in this space because of the non-bulky decor and placement.

9. Cranberry in the Foyer.

Cranberry tones are more traditional and cozy choices. They’re especially nice in the foyer area, although this isn’t a big space you need a warmth about the space to welcome in your family, friends or any other guest coming through the front door. Accent with creams and golds for an even more spirited finish.{found on mtarx}.

10. Navy in the Kitchen.

Again, the dark tone is highlighting by crisp and creamy white shades. It’s a classic interior design value and we love how modern and sleek it looks, especially in this spacious kitchen. This particular shade of navy blue also helps to compliment the marble counter tops with its gray detailing.{found on emiinteriordesign}.

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